Our series Girls, Girls, Girls returns with Kay Goldberg Kasparhauser, the lead vocalist for the New York-based girl band The Prettiots. Photographer Eva Michon, met with Kay in the West Village to talk about her upcoming album, her fascination with The Frick and more.

Why did you choose to play ukulele?

I started playing ukulele because I bought one off of eBay when I was drunk when I was 17!

What inspires you?

It sounds cheesy but almost everything, my friends, their everyday lives, the book I'm reading, the Internet, science...

What is your biggest fear?

Saying something stupid in an interview.

Your best places to go out?

I don't really go out... I guess going to the park or museums and stuff. I really like going to The Frick.

Why the Frick?

Because it's beautiful. I used to go there with my mom when I was little, because it's fun to sit in the courtyard and pretend you live there.

What is the name of your band?

My band is called The Prettiots.

How would you describe the style ?

I would describe us as indie-pop anti-folk, which is also just fun to say.

Name a few influences ?

We are inspired by a lot of stuff. We get told we remind people of the Moldy Peaches a lot; I'm personally inspired by a lot of '60s french girl pop, and bands like The Breeders and Veruca Salt.

Where can we hear your play?

You can come see us play every Tuesday — except the 23rd — in September at Pianos on the Lower East Side, and we are coming to LA soon too. We post everything on our instagram/twitter/facebook (@theprettiots).

Is there an album scheduled soon?

Yes! We have a single coming out very soon and an album in a couple months!