You are probably familiar with Forfex. These super shoes have built a fanbase in Sasha Grey, Rihanna and the Tumblr set. Their list of collaborators is growing from Ari Marcopoulos, Terence Koh to Sanrio. Forfex all comes from the brain of one Italian who started the line almost 5 years ago. We met Gio Forbice on the top floor of Opening Ceremony, another collaborator, to admire some of his shoes IRL and discuss how his line grew from an interest in manfucturing and making people happy. Wearing well worn Tims, a Forfex x Nicola Formichetti t-shirt, and a Forfex bullet holes jacket under a heavy duty winter parka Gio looked the New York designer part while still exuding boyish Italian charm.

Where are you from? 
I am from a small town Italy close to Brescia city. I work in the Lower East Side.

Was there a singular moment when you knew that you wanted to be a shoe designer?
I never planned on being a designer and I still don't think I am. I grew up with clothing - my parents work in the fashion industry so from when I was born I saw a lot of beautiful things when I was young. This always fascinated me, but sincerely I was attracted more to manufacturing than design.

What ideas are you thinking about next for Forfex?
Would be funny make an infomercial with a music videos context with a bizarre host.

What about shoe design do you find so satisfying or compelling?
I like learn how to make shoes more than I think about the aesthetic. I mean I have personal rules about aesthetic but I think by now it’s no longer as important as the manufacturing.

What prize do you want to win for your shoe designs?
I like seeing people wear them - it's a good prize.

Whose work do you admire? What one question would you ask them?
I admire people who make candies and created the cult cartoons. I’d ask “do you know how many people you make happy?”