We are excited to profile our latest Digest publisher, Freunde von Freunden, a Berlin-based online publication that incorporates their friends, and friends of friends, interviewing inspiring creatives from all over the world.

Sparking their project during a work lull in the recession, the project has grown in scope and has become a veritable destination for beautiful photography of aspiring homes and workspaces, as well as insightful interviews from their envious network of friends. We spoke with founder Frederik Frede to find out more about their office, and upcoming projects.


When was Freunde von Freunden founded, where are you based, and how did it start?

We founded in 2009, and we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary at the end of summer. We started Freunde von Freunden as a kind of test project for our mother agency (No)MoreSleep. We lost two major accounts during the financial crisis, and had to come up with ideas to keep ourselves busy. Looking back, it was quite lucky that we had the time to develop our own project with which we can now showcase our approach to editorial work. We somehow became publishers although our background lies in design and communication. Today, we have a trusted brand and international community that involves many friends.

What brought about the idea of doing project centered on friends of friends?

We love good story telling and the best stories you hear are from the friends you spend the most time with. Since we ourselves are part of the creative industry, we centered all our stories around creative friends. We started with our close network in Berlin and it snowballed from there; I suppose this explains why we are present in over 60 cities. The network continues to grow very organically and with every new contributor or portrait we expand our community, welcoming a new friend of a friend.

How do you find inspiring people from so many places from around the world?

All the people and places you see are recommended through friends and friends of friends. We trust our friends and have a very good and open community in which people share similar interests and ideals.

What's the office like? How would you describe it in three words?

The office is a light-filled 180sqm loft apartment in Berlin-Mitte. In three words: cozy, bright and warm.

What's the biggest reward with Freunde von Freunden?

Meeting a lot of people internationally and seeing a lot of new places. Also receiving direct feedback from our friends and followers is a very motivating reward. The internet makes it possible to directly talk to everyone involved and constantly receive emails and messages saying how much they love our site and how inspiring it is for readers.

Any new projects on the horizon?

Currently we are working on the next international book, and a design update of our site and online store. Also, we are developing new formats of storytelling, and new editorial concepts for the site. And then there are lots of client projects, ranging from video production to corporate magazines. There is other stuff in the making which we can’t wait to share. All in all, exciting times.

What is exciting you guys this summer?

We are revamping our garden! Also we will furnish our rooftop with the hope of having some great barbecues with friends.