Before becoming a photographer 6 years ago, Frances Tulk-Hart has worked with a variety of top name clients as both a stylist and photographer, for clients such as Marc Jacobs, British Vogue, I-D magazine, Glamour, to name a few.

She wanted to embrace her love for photography and document the time she has spent meeting people she admires. With this in mind, 5 Minutes with Franny was born. It is a compilation of beautiful, intimate photographs and brief interviews. As 5 Minutes with Franny launches a new mobile interface, we decided to celebrate this intimate digital publication by showcasing some of her favorite moments.

How did you come up with the idea of 5 minutes with Franny and where does this name come from?

I was in a taxi in Rajasthan going from Jaisalmer to Jhodpur, which is a long drive. My friend I was traveling with was fast asleep leaving me to watch the world fly by outside when suddenly 5 Minutes with Franny just popped into my head. One of my nicknames is Franny and for whatever reason, whatever thoughts were trundling around my head at that moment in time, they all conspired to create the life changing name 5 Minutes with Franny!

How do you pick someone to be in 5 Minutes With Franny? Are the subjects your friends?

At this point most are friends or friends of friends but that said just 'cause they are friends doesn't mean they automatically make the short list! Everyone I feature I admire and respect and want their story to be told and to inspire others.

What is the hardest part: the writing or taking photos ?

Oh, the writing! So painful! To force myself to sit and write and not have my attention pulled away to Instagram, emails, text, et cetera is excruciating! I had no idea my attention span had reached such epicly awful lows… It is therefore a fantastic lesson in shutting every thing else off because the concentration required to write the intros is akin to the non-heating pasteurization of coconut water (I read the other day that to pasteurize coconut water without using heat they put the equivalent amount of pressure on it as being 40 miles below sea level).  Despite all this pain, though, I am loving the writing process and would like to make it my third career.

Do you have any secret to put your subject at ease?

We both need to be put at ease as I find it incredibly intimating to shoot these amazing people in their homes and, as a Brit, intimacy is pretty tricky for me! So I just like to chat for a while and then we go through wardrobe ideas, and by then I have found all these awesome places to shoot so I get excited and my anxiety subsides and I am free to chat and direct them. 

Who would you love to interview for this ?

Golly, a long list, but to name a few …  Grace Coddington, John Le Carre, JK Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Jay Z, Beyonce, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kate Moss, Yasmin le Bon, DVF, Eileen Fisher - I read an article on her and she really has the whole work & life thing sorted! I want to work with her.

What do you envision for the future of Five Minutes with Franny ?

I would love 5 Minutes with Franny to become my full time career. I want an office with a glass door that says 5 Minutes with Franny on it with a group of creative awesome people working with me that can take care of production, marketing, retouching, etc, leaving me free to just write and shoot. I'm not a business person at all so would need a money man there to take care of all that.  To get there... well, either I would need an investor and/or ads to pay for these fine people that are gonna have the best time working on 5 Minutes with Franny!