Ponytale editors Andrea Ferrer and Bree Zucker share the outtakes and stories behind the two covers of Ponytale 3. In their hands, traditional tropes of femininity and beauty get rough treatment and a full re-write with an irreverent eye for seduction.

This third issue of Ponytale is quite large and varied. How would you summarize the editorial focus for the issue? Is there an overall theme?

Andrea: In this third issue, we raised a very important challenge about how to approach the contemporary world of feminine aesthetics. We were interested in presenting ideals outside traditional perceptions of beauty. Our investigations led us to examine sports and body culture, underground nightlife and instigate fashion editorials inspired by motorcycles, diving teams and the visual arts at large.

Cover 1

Ali Michael

Bree: Ali Michael’s cover story was shot in collaboration with stylist Lester Garcia, with an Antonioni “Red Desert” meets “Clueless” aesthetic. Madeline Poole, an amazing nail artist who has basically redefined how we conceive of nails, also made a typographical design on Ali’s nails spelling “Ponytale.”

Cover 2

Maria Palm

Bree: Maria Palm’s story is about a chess fetishist and features accessories and clothing from Anna-Sophie Berger’s “Fashion is Fast” collection, and is an art piece, à la BLESS or early Margiela. Overall, I think this is the best story I have shot to-date in its precision and aesthetic motives. The outtakes are in fact super-important to the overall story.

Part 3:
Fast Bodies