As Allday began to dive more into the music realm by starting a soundcloud and frequently featuring musicians on The Digest, it only felt right for our resident cool boys, Othelo (a moonlighting DJ for almost 15 years) and Nolan (Allday's star strategist and grimey rap enthusiast), to start a music mix series. Thus, with no shame and to get the ball rolling, Othelo kicked it off with a Summer-inspired mixtape (the first he had constructed in many years. We warned you -- don't mind the awkward transitions here and there). This was the beginning of 'The Heavy Set' series.

Using O's mix as a reference, the duo began lining up DJs and musicians under simple premises: 30 minutes to an hour format, play anything (tracks you wish you could play, but don't often or ever!). Othelo made it clear,"we didn't want to set any limitations, and really wanted to have our guest DJs surprise us with what they were currently feeling."

Low and behold, Roofeeo from TV on the Radio / Dream Show, Spank Rock, and Them Jeans came with the heat and set the bar high for this ongoing mix series. (Insert air horn and other various sampled noises here).

Spank Rock

Naeem Juwan - aka Spank Rock - is an old friend of the Allday crew. He was among the first to shake the Baltimore scene with cutting-edge EDM beats fused with sharp hip-hop skills, with a rebellious attitude towards the archetypal rapper status.


The drummer-DJ-producer-superhuman Jahphet Landis aka Roofeeo to send us some of his favorites, and they quickly became ours too. He put together a relaxing mix that’s heavy on jazz and soul with a psychedelic spin.

Them Jeans

Jason Stewart aka Them Jeans made us a saucy mix for Halloween. We're still playing it.