For the two arresting Ponytale 3 editorials photographed by Spanish photographer Laura Jiménez, editor Andrea Ferrer wanted to explore an international girl culture, centered around the powerful body. These exclusive outtakes give us a meditation on bodies in motion, through air, encased in synthetic textures.

Can you tell us about the piece that takes place at the swimming pool?

Andrea: The series “14” shot by Laura Jiménez about a group of female divers in Madrid, analyzes contemporary female aesthetics through the broader concept of bodily movement. It acts as both a documentary of a specific cultural activity while examining the direct experience of the women involved and the primordial experience of their bodies flying through space.

What about the second piece by Laura Jiménez, the one featuring motorcycles?

A: The other editorial “Speed” by Laura Jiménez, shot in collaboration with Silvia Bianchi of fashion brand Shallowww, contrasts textures and isolated body fragments—such as mouths, lips, skin, breasts—to form a group of images that reappropriate the male myth of the biker—seen in movies such as “Akira” or “Cool as Ice.” We were also intrigued by the newness of these textures, their relation to the body and the history of plastics in general.