Riot of Perfume’s editors Eugenie Dalland & Tanya Merrill discuss Tina Tyrell’s personality-filled spread, featuring Lee Armoogam and Ser Serpas and styled by Julia Ehrlich. Have a look at the outtakes below. 

Tell us a bit about the mood and style of Tina Tyrell’s shoot.

Eugenie: Tina was slated to shoot the portraits for Raymond’s interview, but I also really wanted her to shoot a fashion story because I love the way she thinks about photography. The original concept was to focus on portraiture, showcasing the personalities of the models. Its always good to start with a very simple approach and just let the story or mood unfold organically. We were both really excited to bring Julia Ehrlich on board, her approach to styling is very unconventional and there's a humor to her work that I find very refreshing.

Tanya: I like to think about fashion stories the same way I think about film, especially in the case of Tina’s shoot. For me it’s not about what brand they’re wearing, it's the story being told. How the models, in this case Ser and Lee, are dressed is simply an expression of the characters being portrayed.

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