The countdown is on for the 2014 photo show "Milk & Oysters" at Ed.Varie. Today we're highlighting the work of one of our contributors, Eva Michon. This California girl has the ability to make anything cool with her sun-drenched photography. Aside from her much sought-after skills as a photographer, she is also the Editor-in-Chief of Bad Day Magazine. After both of these jobs, she somehow still has the time to direct music videos —the most recent project, a documentary film about the punk band Death From Above 1979, was released earlier this Fall. 

Eva has contributed heavily to The Digest, where she "started taking portraits for Girls, Girls, Girls," including Rodarte's dazzling stylist Ashley Furnival and lead singer of The Prettiots, Kay Goldberg

On December 11th we're excited to reveal her print "Poolside," a beautiful "outdoor, naturally lit" shot capturing summertime bliss: sprinklers, her canine and a bright blue sky.