Stopping by to visit the Greenpoint showroom of Études Studio, a skylight filled space located right on the East River, we met with co-founder Aurélien Arbet. Formed three years ago, Études is a New York and Paris based fashion line, book publisher and creative studio. Now in their fourth season, the fashion collection infuses classic menswear with spontaneity in fabric, pattern and color choices — this season brings an addition of sportwear-inspired pieces, taking cues from European apparel logos, and referential streetwear trends from the 2000s. The collection is most impressive for its craftsmanship, and for combining a blurred cross-section of cultural influences, while creating a very precise visual identity at the same time.

Aurélien explains that Études seeks to communicate a global idea, one without borders and creative limits — whether it is art direction, producing a full-scope line of apparel, or creating monographs of artist photography. In that regard, Études is stunning in terms of its creative output, and a remarkable brand in terms of their relatively limited but manageable economies of scale. As financial models don’t typically benefit small operations where less is more, Études is very careful in finding the right merchants and designers, testing their ideas repeatedly, and being resourceful with what they produce. Considering every item as an art multiple, they hope their fans will support their pieces as creations of a moment, meant to be small and unique.

The studio’s signature color, a cobalt blue, ultimately speaks to the brand’s resourcefulness and creative ingenuity — as a stock, primary color, Aurélien explains that channeling the accessibility of blue is an opportunity for Études to draw on something that’s everywhere, but allows them to make it their own. In taking a wide scope of possibility and making it theirs, Études exemplifies the virtues of being independent, and what can arise when one sets their own rules.