We met people that influenced our minds, our mindsets, and our lives.

Kanoa Zimmerman

Kanoa Zimmerman's photography will take your breath away — fitting, as his most of his images are taken underwater. His photos explores the mysticism of the underwater world, where up and down are one in the same and the surroungdings appear infinite. His latest underwater venture had him capturing spear fishers in Fiji.

"I've continued to gravitate towards the ocean and when I got into photography it felt natural to document what was around me."

Haley Wollens

Haley is an art director and stylist, and New York native. She was also our guest editor for a week in December. 

"I have never wanted to fit in, I’ve always felt like an outspoken outcast, and I mean that in the most positive way."

Petra Collins

What was once an externalized effort for discovering sexual identity, her practice has turned into a very personal, internal, and intimate mode of self-discovery — "Discharge" provides the most private experiences for Petra as a person, externalizing them again as an artist, daring her audiences and asserting new notions of feminine sexuality.

"I really want to take the things we have to hide and make them visible."