Love it or hate it but Valentine's Day is here. To keep you in the mood, Dirtyfinger has mashed up a booty shakin' mix. 
Remembering the days of answering machine tapes, digging through record boxes and playing house parties, this DJ has done it all.
Here, we asked him a few questions about Hallmark's favorite holiday, the early years of DJing, and the inspo behind his name. For more music check out his soundcloud, and be sure to follow him on instagram, here.  

Valentine's Day.... Personal opinion on the holiday: Fuck Love or Let's Fuck?

NYC is cold as fuck right now, but never fear catching feels! If someone makes you feel some type of way, definitely don't wait 'till Valentine's Day. Let 'em know! I'm so over all the apathetic memes… go ahead catch feelings! 

What's your favorite VDay Heart Candy quote? Or if you could make your own, what would it be?

This photo from instagram. No idea who's instagram that is, but You Go Girl paints cool shit.

Tell me about how you first got into DJing?

In Junior High I used to make these funny tapes of tiny snippets of things I'd record off the radio and from my rap and metal tapes. I'd then use them as a long outgoing message on my answering machine. That's probably the first time I organized recorded sounds for an audience, of ONE ha!
I always collected records growing up and all throughout high school, but it was mainly sample digging and looking for rap records. This was kind of impossible where I grew up in Washington State.
Eventually I had a huge heavy collection of vinyl, 1200's and a mixer that I drug across the country to Brooklyn. Around Y2K, The Black Label Bicycle Club and all of us folks at The Chicken Hut started throwing these way rowdy parties and we needed extra DJs. Before that I had never even played for a dance floor! I've been obsessed and addicted to making people move ever since.
Years later I still get so hyped like a little kid after every good set.

What's the story behind your name DJ name Dirtyfinger?

I kept it from my first gig. Digging through records is filthy! Also my only other idea, 'DJ Yellow Alert' was stupid and racial. Used to be Dirtyfingers…but singular is much, much dirtier.

Ideal party scenario? Or what is the most recent scenario you were stoked to DJ?

House parties forever! Getting loose in a space you're not supposed to is the best; warehouses, abandoned buildings, a junk raft, the woods, a hotel room, your kitchen... anything is better than a bar.

Is there a certain type of party or music you like to spin the most?

Booty music. Miami, New Orleans, Baltimore, Jersey, Chicago, Brazil, Detroit, The Carribean, Brooklyn… everyone has their take [on it]. Bass, Bounce, Funk, Club, House, Juke,  Soca it's all out there to work your low-end to. Especially loving "Feeling The Strength Of The Rump" by Rod Lee.

Recently you toured with Zebra Katz, any funny stories to share?

Amazingly we had a couple shows in Russia, never thought I would get the chance to go there, much less with Zebra Katz. The crowds loved ZK, knew lots of lyrics, and really ate it up. Our second show was in Yekaterinburg, and right in the middle of the set to a packed room my computer just went black, music stopped, no power light, nothing. Zebra Katz didn't miss a beat, he immediately went a cappella for two songs as I RAN backstage scrambling to get my phone and an aux cord to play his tracks. Sweating, I got back on stage, tore my phone case off,  plugged in, and the crowd hardly noticed. Zebra Katz is the best, he totally owned it, I was freaked out though.

Any upcoming tours or music projects you'd like to mention to our reader? And on that note, how do we find out about your future gigs?

This mix is an extension of a new monthly party I have going 4th Saturdays at Tandem Bar in Bushwick. It's called SPRUNG and we play all kinds of love songs for the club. Remixes and throwbacks, future club, smoov raps, RnBass and all the candy-thick-feel-good productions coming out these days. I roll with the Gold Whistle crew and have a couple parties every week. I've also been making a lot of art and building bikes and things when I can, catch my ADHD brain over on my tumblr. Oh and please come say hi if you're at one of my parties, I always like to meet who gets down on the floor!


1. Art of Noise - Moments In Love
2. DJ Smurf -  Ride On Out Bounce Wit It
3. Lil Jon - Shawty Freak A Lil Sumthin’
4. Katrina - Six Eight
5. Usher - Nice & Smooth 
6. Ciara - Get Up
7. The Click - Swing My Way
8. Kilo Ali - Nasty Dancer
9. DJ Unk - Back It Up (Dayta blend)
10. DJ Smurf: Girls ft. DJ Taz
11. Inoj - Love You Down
12. Strawberri - Saddle You Up
13. Aaliyah - I Don’t Wanna (illo remix)
14. DJ Kizzy Rock - Oh, Oh, Oh
15. Inoj - Love You Down (Lil’ Jon remix)
16. Ghosttown Town DJ’s - My Boo
17. Mariah Carey -  H.A.T.E.U. Ft. Oj Da Juiceman, Big Boi & Gucci Mane
18. Kilo Ali - Baby Baby
19. Virgo - Apple Pie
20. Get Some Crew - Do You See What I See
21. Lathun - Freak It ft. Da Brat
22. Nemesis -  Munchies For Your Bass
23. K.p. & Envyi - Swing My Way (Carl mo remix)