We are very excited to launch the New Distribution House x Allday partnership!

Two years ago Didier Lerebours started New Distribution House (NDH), a distribution and online boutique that carries many exciting young independent publishers such as Baron Magazine, Marfa Journal, Four and Sons, and Riposte, to name a few. We invited Didier to drop by our office for a chat and share his thoughts about our mutual interest in publishing and culture, and on many of our collaborations to come.

How and when did your passion for publishing come about?

When I was in university basically. I did study graphic design at Ecole de Design (UQAM) de Montreal. As a designer, you need reference and obviously when you look back to books and how things are done, printed matter is always a good reference point. At the beginning, when I started university, I had the chance to create a magazine with other designers. While discussing which designers were going to do which magazine, I realized that having five designers, doing the art direction for one magazine, makes it impossible. It’s like having five chefs putting together one meal. I said I was going to do the business side of it and this is how it started.

"You cannot just see everything online, you have to go out."

And its your own thing, you’re by yourself?

Yeah, it’s by myself but Ximena Roxana Becerra, Florent Dubois, Clara Turcotte and Justin from JJJJound did contribute a lot to N.D.H.

Where did you get all this? Do you spend all your days roving the internet or roaming or are you friends with many editors? Where and how do you search?

I realized couple years ago that you cannot just see everything online, you have to go out. So it has become a balance of online and offline research.

Do you know some secret spots of where to find books in New York or are you open to getting lost in bookstores?

I don’t think there are secret spots, I think the 'secret spots' are more about the shops who are willing to try something different. For the magazine, I was able to push it through few concept stores in Brooklyn. If you compare it to other booksellers, they weren’t keen to get the zine beforehand.

You’re mostly interested in magazines for their graphics, layout, content, history, context, and mood - what attracts you to it?

It’s more about the context and what the publication says. The culture that we’re in, what we’re seeing isn’t a mirror but it almost reflects a part of you. Whether or not you acknowledge that this thing is a part of you (or, it’s not a part of you and it’s not supposed to be there). Part of the reason of why I like the culture of printed matter, because it is truly a reflection of our social culture.

Do you have any hopes of opening a boutique in the future?

In the future, yeah. That’s only going to be one part of the bigger picture, because a boutique is an extension of the brand and people can connect to it and take something out of it.

What’s the bigger picture?

For me, the bigger picture is to become a media and to say something. And that’s the goal - to say something on your own terms.

What do you think the publishing is? Do you think the internet made it crash and now it’s reviving?

I think the industry is going to change in a way. I think right now it’s in a good position because there are no set rules. We’re not sure where we’re going. But I do think what's important is going to be the content; publishing can exist online or offline. It will depend on the creators or the content publishers will want to be out there. 

Aren’t most of your magazines offline content?

Most of them are offline, they have blurbs here and there, but mostly are focused on offline. They want to have this object. I think this is where I fit in, because the magazine is not a news outlet rather, an object becoming a community. That’s why sometimes prices are really high for what it is.

What can we only find at NDH? Something extremely rare?

At the beginning I dealt with books, but I realized that books are much slower to move. I do have a section of books that are not update. Regarding the deadstock, I have a few books by Boogie, who is a photographer and had an exhibition in New York. I think he released around 500 signed copies with Powerhouse Books. It’s something you can’t get anywhere else.

What magazine are you most proud of carrying?

I am proud of carrying everything!