Today we're launching our photography group show countdown. "Milk & Oysters" at Ed.Varie.  To start, we present David Brandon Geeting, a close friend of the Allday crew and regular contributor to The Digest for over two years.

On Photography, David says: “people are all defeated like ‘everything’s been done before...' I just don’t believe that’s true. At all!” Optimistic, David aims for a high level of graphic contradiction, through portraits and still-lifes. His selection for our show is entitled "Clean Apple" and will be revealed the opening day. About this photo, David says: "I like how uncomfortable it makes me feel - it's so clean but it makes me feel so gross. When I can achieve that kind of contradiction in a photograph, that's how I know it's a keeper."

The show opens December 11th but in the meantime, enjoy some of his earlier works below.

You might have recognized his touch in our literary franchise, Read This Book, or his high contrasted photos published under a B-Sides. In between freelancing, and participating in many photo shows, he keeps his tumblr and instagram feeds alive and inspiring.

Recently, David has been busy compiling an impressive portfolio anthology, "Infinite Power," featuring beautiful collection of signature DBG photos presenting everyday objects - “the shit that ends up in your house” - as published by Pau Wau Publications due out in early 2015.