This week's iPhone B-Sides comes from David Brandon Geeting, a photographer who is known for creating polished compositions of everyday objects — and his smartphone selects, too, reflect an interesting perspective into some the varied aspects of daily life in the city.

"For me, iPhone photos are the new 35mm snapshots. As I get older I find myself caring less and less about how an image was made / what camera it was made with / if it is has been manipulated or left "raw." My personal work is 100% digital now and most of it is set up and photoshopped to shit, so I like the challenge of pulling a cool image out of the air when I'm on the go — the whole act of this kind of snapshot photography is even less heavy when it's not done on film, and I really like that, because I love when things are super easy."

"Possibly the best part about iPhone photography is that you can totally just be a creep and act like you're trying to zoom in on Google Maps, but really you're zooming in on a piece of food between someone's teeth on the L train and they'll never know. Anyway, these twelve photos are ones that no one has ever seen, besides maybe my girlfriend, because I forgot to put them on Instagram."