“Saturday Night Cosmic Breakdown” is Danny Sangra’s latest short film for the Ray-Ban “Speak the Truth” series, presented by Never Hide Films and Yours Truly, and produced by Alldayeveryday. For this hilarious metaphysical short, Leo Fitzpatrick plays a naive and disturbed NYC East-Villager, while Danny Tamberelli (from the legendary Pete and Pete series) plays the total opposite: a solid and ponderous bro who lives down the block. Enjoy our exclusive behind-the-scenes and our interview with Danny. 

How did Ray-Ban reach out to you to do this film, which has nothing to do with Ray-Ban, or does it?

Ray-Ban gave me a free run at writing whatever script I wanted to write so long as it ran with the theme of Speak the Truth. I think because I write pretty much all of my own scripts they have a certain voice, so if someone wants that voice it’s usually me that has to write it.

I think because it doesn’t feature a product it’s easy to say that it has nothing to do with Ray-Ban. However, it shows the type of brand they are that they understand not everything they help to create needs to feature a product. It’s just as important to show the spirit and direction of the brand than just one seasonal product.

How did this idea of the last days before the “End of the World” come across?

I was thinking about the theme Speak the Truth and thought about how we all know the dangers that await us but we don’t do much about it. We are all kind of in a daze about everything. I don’t want to be too negative but the bigger picture often is something we push to the side. So then I just had this one guy wake up and realise the importance of something everyone else didn’t care about.

Why did you choose Leo Fitzpatrick to play this anxious, restless character?

Leo has a small role in my feature film I shot last October (“Goldbricks In Bloom”). I wanted to work with him again but as a different type of character. I thought seeing Leo play someone confused about the world ending would be funny, but not slapstick funny. Someone who doesn’t quite get why everyone else isn’t bothered. He was actually the only person I wanted for that role so I was lucky his schedule fit as he’s always working on different projects.

How did you come with the idea of the Non World News TV speaker?

Most of my films start in one way and end in another. I wanted to show that even after the universe ends and an eternity of questions remain, celebrity gossip still seems to be the attention grabber.

Was it entirely shot in the East Village? How long did it take you?

The apartment was actually in Brooklyn. But the rest was shot in the East Village (even the end of the world). We shot it over two days. Mainly because of peoples’ schedules. We wrapped Saturday night and by Sunday lunch time I had edited it.

Is that Little Pete in the movie?

It sure is. Having Danny Tamberelli involved was the cherry on top. I loved Pete and Pete, it was one of those shows you can base your friendships on. If you meet someone for the first time and they say “Yeah I loved Pete and Pete,” you know the type of person they are. Plus Danny is a pretty easy guy to get on with—he had one day’s notice before he was on set.

In some of your previous films we’ve noticed crossover characters and stories. Are there any crossovers here?

Actually there’s a few tie-ins to my other films. Leo plays a character called Otis. Otis is the character he plays in “Goldbricks In Bloom,” however he’s at a different stage in his life in this film. When Kevin (Danny Tamborelli) asks about Cleo, Cleo is actually a character in “Goldbricks” too played by Zosia Mamet. Mickey is supposed to be on the phone with someone from a short film I haven’t released yet.