As Girls, Girls, Girls continues, our photographer Eva Michon spends the day with Dana Wright, a model and muse for American Apparel and Terry Richardson. Having just moved out to Silverlake, Los Angeles, two weeks ago, Dana is already obsessed with the Neopolitan milkshakes at In-N-Out Burger, and we find out more about her new rental car, a 90's Black Saab convertible.

Tell us about driving with long nails.

Driving with long nails has never been a problem except I broke my pinky nail falling into the car yesterday. So annoying. It's more difficult driving in stripper shoes, in which case I just drive barefoot.

What about coyotes?

The coyotes are always trying to eat our house's dog. They leave dead bird carcasses everywhere, and shit on the steps and sleep in the driveway.