Sean Maung is a New York City photograher who has embarked on a new project called "Street Sense", showcasing different neighborhoods in his city through two types of sensory experiences. Through taking photos and recording sounds in these communities, Sean showcases the characters and narrative that make these districts so deep and varied. He begins with showing life in Coney Island, giving the viewer the opportunity to make something of the neighborhood on their own terms:

“New York City is very confrontational in many ways, in the sense that as soon as you step out the door you’re confronted with smells, sounds, people, and it’s hard not to be confronted in some way through your senses. And it’s so different than the culture of everywhere else, where you might have the opportunity to disconnect yourself — this is supposed to give you the sensory experiences of being on the street, being a part of the neighborhood, and feeling these sounds. But it’s not commodified for you — this could have been a video with Anthony Bourdain, or whatever, but this is to give the viewer the imagination to put it together.”