Coley Brown is a photographer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His photographic work addresses landscape and environment as a means for abstraction — capturing moments from his frequent travels across the United States and abroad, his photographs explore the subtleties of the natural world, re-imagining them as disjointed dreamscapes of experience, rather than a linear story with a beginning and end.

He has released many artist books, including Jam Jelly Honey Wild Rice (2008), Growing Up (with Patrick Tsai, 2009), Cabin & Woods (2010), and most recently, A Recurring Dream (2012). For B-Sides, we asked Coley to share some selected images from his travels, all captured and unshared from his smartphone. You can see more of his work on his website, and, of course, Instagram

"During most of my travels, the iPhone is my only digital camera. When it would be another month or more at times until I could process my film, being able to snap photos in the meantime on the go to share with friends and family is really nice."