Cobra Krames presents a seamless mix of trap, electronica, hip-hop and downright "Miami booty' music, this Brooklyn-based DJ and producer can keep a crowd going all night. His record label Gold Whistle, consistently hosts the best electronic music parties in New York City -- from the hottest nightclubs to the most obscure underground nights. Keep Krames on your radar by tuning into his soundcloud or download one of his legendary Kramescast here

  1. Move - Albert Axe
  2. Auciell - DIGI 
  3. Never A Joy - Stabber & Lazy Ants
  4. It Began In Detroit - Mafia Kiss
  5. Hated On Me (Jaded Remix) - Hervé
  6. 3D Visions - Nobel
  7. Mono Artifact - Natlek
  8. Cobra Krames - Thot Boi ft Sugur Shane
  9. $TACK$ VIP - C.Z.
  10. To The Floor - banginclude & Comrade
  11. Hands Up - 4B & Gianni Marino
  12. Chinchilla (SwaggleRock Remix) - Jackal
  13. Sahara (Cobra Krames Remix) - Kali
  14. Drummer Boyz - Keith MacKenzie & Fixx
  15. No Type (Cobra Krames Remix) - Rae Sremmurd
  16. 7/11 (Teeburr Remix) - Beyonce
  17. Look At Wrist (Buzz Trillington Remix) - Father x iLoveMakonnen x Key!
  18. Shake Dem ft TT The Artist - Cobra Krames
  19. The Basics Of Love - Nixon

Tell me a little a bit about yourself - Where you are from? What was the music scene like where you grew up?

Well I'm from Connecticut but I grew up in Virginia Beach -- home of Timbaland, Missy,The Neptunes, and Teddy Riley, as well as loads of awesome producers and music makers who were shaping the radio, and parties I was going and listening to. I guess the music scene was pretty diverse in Virginia, we were exposed to club music pretty early, being close to Baltimore. Miami booty was popular too because everyone drives cars so they love that big bass!

What's Gold Whistle? How did it start? What are your plans with it?

Gold Whistle is a record label and lifestyle brand. We release music digitally. We throw parties in New York City, as well as globally, and we curate small clothing releases. It started in Richmond, Virginia when we were giving out whistles at our events and needed a website name to host material --  I came up with Gold Whistle and it stuck. Fast-forward a few years, I meet Dirtyfinger and we team up to start throwing Gold Whistle parties in Manhattan. The record label grew organically and is really the focus for the future of Gold Whistle. We have some great artists coming in the new year, and big single releases from relatively unknown artists!

On that note, any new projects on the horizon?

I just dropped an EP "No Patience" which is essentially the beginning of a series of EP's I'm doing with the Gold Whistle label. The follow up EP is titled "Bass 2 Death" and will be coming out in late January, I have an amazing vocalist featured on both the tracks , I think people are going to be excited for the new release.  That and also the video we're doing for the lead No Patience track featuring Vyle, this video is something I'm really excited for my fans to see!

Best recurring-party that you've been to or used to go to in New York?

Ruff Club at The Annex in the Lower East Side!!! It was by-far a legendary few years that'll never be replaced!

Latest Album you can listen to all the way through?

RL Grime - VOID, it’s a beast , so diverse and really predicts some future trends in dance music.

Latest banger(s) that you've been excited to play?

My good friend 4B's entire EP "Weapons" on Mad Decent! He is so good and happy to see his tracks getting so much support.