Along with curating the printed matter of The Newsstand, we also asked Lele Saveri of the 8-Ball Zine Fair to put together a selection of mixtapes, all made by creatives working in independent magazines. Each are sold in very limited run, but luckily we'll be featuring previews of all the mixes for you here.

Our first comes from Sydney Shen, who is a multimedia artist, curator, photographer, and one third of nude magazine Beauty Today. "Classic Ultra Mild" features sides "Peace" and "Hope" and offers an sunny assortment of disco, classic anthems and japanese hits.

Side A Tracklist — "Peace" (Slim Select)

1. Keiko Kimura - Denwa Shinaide
2. The Art of Nose - Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Mix)
3. Katy Gray - Hold Me Tight
4. Lio - Comix Discomix
5. Ennico Morricone - Come Maddalena (Disco 78 Mix)
6. Tamao Koike - Automne Dans Un Mirroir
7. Domina - You Got My Soul
8. Rare Pleasure - Let Me Down Easy