Charlie Rubin is a Bronx-born photographer who grew up in the suburban city of New Rochelle, New York. His images are an exploration into the ordinary with a twist, often blurring the lines between the artificial and the real. He was recently chosen to participate in Foam Magazine's 2013 Talent Issue, and his book "Strange Paradise" with Conveyor Arts, will be re-released in January. He also heads up a project called Neighboring Walls, which involves open submission art shows in apartments of local artists. We asked Charlie to show us the rare and unshared from his iPhone. 

"Architecture, anomaly, shape, sex, and art in my daily life. Each photo serves as a note, inspiration, or muse, and they aren't always perfectly composed. It's more about what's in the picture than the quality of it for these snapshots. I started using my phone camera a lot after noticing that I never printed my point-and-shoot camera's photos anymore. Realizing that 90% of my pictures only lived on a screen was a weird realization and changed the way I use different cameras."

You can follow Charlie's instagram here.