Along with the printed matter at The Newsstand, there's also an assortment of limited edition mixtapes for sale — curated by the 8-Ball Zine Fair, and all made by independent creatives working in the city. Each are sold in very short runs, but luckily we're featuring previews of all the mixes for you here. This week's mixtape comes from Chances With Wolves, who host an eclectic and relatively esoteric weekly radio show, every Monday on East Village Radio. Here we have their selections from all sorts of genres — everything from folk revival, doo-wop, latino influence and Australian rock.

Tracklist — Side A

Intro (Wolf Feelings)
Bob Gibson and Bob Camp - Well Well Well
Ted Lucas - Plain and Sane and Simple Melody
Godfrey Daniel - Woodstock
The Twilights - Bohemian
The Coasters - Three Cool Cats
Lambeth Community Youth Steel Orchestra - Sound of Silence
Darwin's Theory - With You in My Life
Chris Montez - Little Red Riding Hood
Les Chackachas - The Riot is Over
Slim and Ann - I Submit to you 
Las Cuatro Modenas - Tu Eres No Bueno
William Onyebar - Atomic Bomb