After her exhibit “Make Love to the World” at the The Hole last summer, Australian artist Cara Stricker traveled extensively and took a lot of pictures, some of which are exclusively for Allday. Cara also wrote an essay for us on navigating between the physical and private realm, and beyond. Oh, and if you haven't read her "Open Letter to Richard Prince," you can read it here.

Here are Cara's notes written on the subway after spending an afternoon at the Gagosian Gallery.

I really like the idea of curating a myriad of images gathered over time on my phone, how life and this generation is changing, as the art space has become boundary-less, the key technologies of the world has turned its eyes inward, to our 'private' lives, of which we can then comment on and make art. It makes our physical world and institution become an open conversation, outside the phone and within it, explored around the world, in conjunction with and beyond the physical and private realm. 

What I’ve noticed - exploring exhibitions physically, in print online and instagram, collaborations with artists and the external conversations within appropriated and commerical work, lays seamlessly within our natural environment. Exploring everythingness that which our world has become! A modern feminist in that all eventually will be equal, through this selfexpression of instinct, beyond gender roles.

Here’s my New York summer, caught off my iPhone, letters and life between Paris, LA and Australia. What being an artist means in todays age, falling in love with the US, and slipping away from my Australian beginnings.