Last week, The Gift Shop celebrated the release of jewelry designer Anna Sheffield’s unique Mindfulness Care Packages. During the party, photos revealing people’s auras were taken of guests. And to go along with the spiritual theme, we asked them about their favorites talismans and moods. Check their aura and answers below.


Anna, what state of mind or mood do you most enjoy?

My favorite mood is love. All manner of love, or having that feeling where you are just resonating with love. Because that is the most connected and happy I feel you can be in your body.

Do you possess a mineral you cherish?

I have a lot of turquoise jewelry that was inherited or gifted or gotten because I grew up in the southwest. I absolutely love turquoise. And I have some other things, obviously. I have lots of gemstones.

If you could have a powerful talisman, what would it be for?

If I could have a talisman that did anything, it would be one that makes plants and flowers grow up through the concrete.

Do you have a favorite stone or crystal?

It changes from minute to minute. But I love emeralds, and I love labradorite too. I think there’s something very special about those stones, but that’s maybe just what I’m resonating with right now.


What state of mind or mood do you most enjoy?

Ani: I guess a creative mood is enjoyable. A friendly mood, a loving mood.

Natalie: Well, I kind of have to agree with you. Our reading kind of said it all.

A: We did an aura reading together. We did the picture together.

Do you possess a mineral or any kind of object that you cherish?

N: I feel like we all do, don’t we? I don’t know if it’s a mineral or like that, but I definitely have cherishable items that I hold onto, and bring back memories.

Can you think of any that you would point out?

N: Sea-salt crystal from the Dead Sea in Israel.

A: I’m not super-attached to anything, but I have this necklace that I wear with three gold charms, two are letters. One is my husband’s communion, so the letters are my kids, and the other is my husband’s, and I always wear it.


Do you have a favorite mood or state of mind?

I would say, light and introspective. I like feeling light, I like physically and mentally feeling clear and stimulated by my lightness, which inspires me to think more cosmically and universally, then just egomaniacal. So I like keeping it cosmic, and to do that I have to be light, so I can be released from this plane!

If you could have a powerful talisman, that had the power to do whatever you wanted, what would it be?

I think my favorite talismans are what my nearest and dearest Anna Sheffield has made for me. She’s very close to my heart, so anything I have that she’s made with her mind and her heart and her creativity and her soul and her gumption, I automatically feel protected and inspired when I have it close to my body.

Do you have a favorite stone or crystal?

Yeah, I have a lot. I really like opals, like black opals are my favorite. I’ve been really into phantom quarts lately, I also like golden amethysts. I really like pyrite. I think cubic pyrite is amazing in the way that it comes in a cube, attached to a rock in an almost supernatural form.


What is your favorite mood to be in?

Davide: Oh mine, definitely peaceful. Because it’s a struggle to be there, so when I reach that, it’s very nice. Everything feels in balance and in good order.

Maria: My peace comes from feeling energy. From feelings I have the drive to face something challenging, or face something where I can be equally happy or equally joyful. But my peace comes from being energetic, from having the drive.

If you had a powerful talisman, what would it be for?

M: I have a little Virgin Mary with me all the time, in my wallet. And I got it at La Petite Chapelle in Paris. And the prayer that it comes with, says that “only good things come to people who really believe in them.” So I carry that with me, because if I do believe in the good, then good will come my way.

D: I guess you got two Catholics, because I wear a cross every day, since maybe fifteen years ago. I ask it for general protection, as much as it can, just to keep me in line, keep me on a good path as much as possible.

Do you have an object or a stone or a mineral, or anything really, that is important to you and represents a good memory for you, in your life?

D: Well I have many, not one in particular. If I need to name only one, it would be the cross that I wear. The object that I have on me every day no matter what, 24 hours, for many, many years.

M: When I was little, my grandfather gave me this pair of sapphire earrings. They’re in the shape of a flower. And when I went to see the film, “Beautiful,” by Alejandro González Iñárritu, it’s completely depressing. It’s very beautiful, but it touches you deep down. And I got out of the movie and I was destroyed by it. I went to a restaurant, and I realized that my sapphire earring, I lost it. And I freaked out. I went back to the movie theater, I looked everywhere, and it probably just got stuck in a scarf. And it broke my heart. On top of the very sad film, the sapphire made it even worse. So I keep it in a box, and every year I say I’m going to turn it into a ring, because it wouldn’t feel like it’s alone, it lost its pair.

Ophira Edut

What state of mind or mood do you most enjoy?

I’m an “up” kind of girl—I love the fun, joyful vibes of camaraderie and connecting on a soul level with people, through humor and a shared recognition of the truth.

Do you possess a mineral you cherish because of the good memories behind it?

Definitely—I keep a collection of stones on my desk. I live part-time in Nyack, an artsy/spiritual town on the Hudson River, and we have a big crystal store here I like to wander through. Our operations director Melissa is also a wizard in disguise, and she’s really connected to minerals and stones. Every year for our astrology retreat in Tulum, she picks a stone that we give our participants, and I always cherish those. This year she chose this awesome speckled one called rhodonite that I really love.

If you could have a powerful talisman, what would it be for?

Probably for shifting into a creative, abundant mindset. I love my work as an astrology writer, but even this gig can feel like the “daily grind” because it involves a LOT of writing. When I lapse into feeling daunted by all the work, I’d love a talisman that reminded me that I’m channeling powerful healing messages, which inspires me and makes the time fly by.

Do you have a favorite stone or crystal?

I have a smooth, round piece of rose quartz that I put on top of all of my clients’ charts about an hour before I do a reading.


What state of mind or mood do you most enjoy?

State of mind, or mood, would probably be humor and laughter. I enjoy that just because it’s probably some of my happiest times.

Do you possess a mineral or any kind of object that you cherish?

I was just given a rose quartz for good energy, because I’m having a baby. So that’s the mineral that I’m cherishing.

If you could have a powerful talisman, what would it be for?


Photography (party pics): Nick Sethi; Aura portraits: Radiant Human.