Calling themselves a “snapshot of youth culture,” C-Heads is a print and online magazine published by Austrian sisters Christine and Sigrun Guggenberger, that features photography, fashion, music and anything that they believe has a place in modern culture. In an exclusive Allday supplement, we chat with Sigrun, who talks about “Summer. Lovers and Strangers” the theme behind their current issue, Issue 33.

Could you tell us the concept behind C-Heads? How did it start?

The concept of C-Heads is to show exclusive photography, fresh music, cool fashion trends, some poetry and thoughts on life and basically overall transmitting the current feeling of youth culture. We want to transmit something beautiful to people and also show them how artists work and think. A sort of place where they can immerse into a visual journey, perhaps find some new inspiration. It’s online and once or twice a year we release a print issue. The founders behind it are us two, Christine and Sigrun Guggenberger, two sisters from Carinthia, a region in the South of Austria. We are currently living in Vienna and Berlin and this is also where C-Heads is based now. We also regularly have great freelance writers contributing.

What is the craziest shot you ever did or commissioned?

That’s hard to tell, as we show so many shootings and each shooting has its own “crazy” challenges anyway. The shootings we show in general are however anyhow not about trying to achieve the most crazy location or concept. It’s more about creating something visually appealing, something that evokes a feeling within the viewer without looking too staged. And that can also be achieved with a simple concept and location. There is no specific dream shooting either.

Who are the photographers you’d like to work with?

Also in that respect we don’t really have someone specific in mind. We are already working with fantastic people and are still amazed by all this talent we get to see. Well, actually one photographer that we had on the list of people we wanted to work with, we have for now an interview in our latest print issue #33. It’s Richard Kern.

“We want images that spark off a feeling.”

C-Heads Issue 32 was a big success, wasn’t it? What’s exciting with the upcoming issue?

Thank you, the Issue 32 was going really well and we feel really happy about all the great feedback we received! And now we are super excited to see how it goes with Issue 33, which has just been released on the 30th of June 2015 and is an issue that is really near and dear to our hearts! The theme is “Summer. Lovers and Strangers.” And we have ventured on this big topic of Love, and at the same time also that feeling that despite all the love we feel for others and the world, we also always remain a bit of strangers to others and maybe also to ourselves.

Almost 10 years since C-Heads started. How would you say your take on photography has evolved?

Yes, we can’t believe ourselves that it has been going on for so long! C-Heads and the things we show have never been something totally planned but a sort of interaction between artists’ ideas, the current mood related to trends and at the same time also trying to give rise to new influences. So therefore all the things we chose to show underlie this process of a constant progress. One important thing though is that we like to keep the naturalness within the images; maybe that is also something more important to us now than it was when we started. We think the time of only showing polished and artificial images or just one specific ideal of beauty is long over, and we believe that this more natural view also changes the way we see beauty and perfection. We want images that spark off a feeling. 

What are the main challenges and rewards with your publication?

The main challenges are to keep going, to stay motivated despite the hard work and the time that it takes to achieve success, and to simply manage the workload without getting too stressed. The rewards are moments such as holding the new print issue in hands and also when you suddenly realize that something that had started as something really small has developed into something much bigger than you had ever imaged. Also the countless number of talented and wonderful people we work with, this feeling of sharing and creating something together has definitely been a big part of keeping up the motivation as well.

What is C-Heads aiming at for the near future?

Well, we have just released the new issue which was the big aim for this year and now we hope people like the result of it. After that I think we need a holiday [laughs.]

Outtakes from Issue 33

Photography for C-Heads Summer Issue 33, from top to bottom:
lead image: Caroline Mackintosh
Slideshow: 1. Caroline Mackintosh; 2 to 5: Benjamin Askinas; 6: Richard Kern; 7: left: Marcus Solomon, right: Sticks and Stones Agency; 8 and 9: Lagoon Collective; 10: Felipe Cuartas; 11: Sticks and Stones Agency.

You can purchase C-Heads Issue 33 here.