Built on a rooftop in the Jamaican-Haitian center of Bushwick, Patrick McCarthy has created “Babylon Gardens”, otherwise known as his pigeon shanty, which houses his own coop for fostering and housing carrier pigeons. Dressing the structure with plants and palms for shade, he has created a private sanctuary for his birds — allowing them to interact and “perform” with each other, as a form of Ferdinand Cheval-inspired philosophy, centered around creating art through natural design.

Patrick is no stranger to building alternative and imaginative structures — having recently assisted in building a two-story spaceship for Tom Sachs earlier this year, for his “Space Program: Mars” exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory. He also recently built his idea of a “viable sculpture”, otherwise known as “The Cheese Bike” — an artful motorbike fashioned with a boom box, cooler, condiments, grill and cheese, serving one dollar grilled cheese sandwiches; its viability stemming from commercial validation, but as well fulfilling an interactive need. Its importance serves Patrick in allowing him to connect with others while selling his sandwiches.

Despite this, Patrick’s intelligence towards art is without commercial framing — he has no website, studio or sales — and chooses to favor distribution through sharing his zines, collectively named “Born to Kill”. Loosely centered on a particular theme, Patrick documents his process on projects, travel and personal record.

Please stop by The Newsstand this Thursday, June 27th, as Patrick will be a guest clerk  helping at the shop, and will have his “Born to Kill” zines available for sale.