"5 Things" asks people to share a short list about what they're currently about, or interested in.

Buena Vista is a clothing line designed and produced by Ava Woo Kaufman in Point Reyes, California, where she was born and raised. Kaufman studied fine art at UCLA and went on to work in fashion for several years, before launching her line in Spring 2013.

1. Limantour Beach
Point Reyes is bursting at the seams in the spring and summer months. There is a wide array of wildflowers on display right now. Walking the length of this beach and taking in the palette is my obsession right now.

2. Fairfax Scoop

Best ice cream in West Marin. I've been coming here since I was in high school and nothing has changed. They still make all of the waffle cones by hand and use Strauss milk blended with local, seasonal fruit. 

3. eBay
I sew all Buena Vista pieces. Because I'm self-taught, I'm always seeking out new construction techniques. I can stalk eBay for hours—it's one of my favorite sources for garment imagery. It's all there: Workwear, 50s couture, Ghesquière. An endless library and resource.

4. Magnolia trees in L.A.
I was just in L.A. for a quick visit in May. All of the huge, mature magnolia trees were in bloom with their meaty white blossoms. Beautiful.

5. “Great British Menu”
I spend most of my time in my studio. I go through a lot of audiobooks to keep me stimulated while I work, but recently I've had this BBC show "Great British Menu" on constant stream. It's pretty bad/good, but I do really enjoy watching and listening to people make food. It's one of my greatest joys. Can someone make a food program that doesn't rely on so many weirdo chefs? Like just the hands and the food, in places all over the world. I would stream that constantly.


Images of Ava's recent Buena Vista lookbook: