Channel your inner book-lover with these top reads, as reviewed by Fiona Duncan. Whether it be a collection of witty-essays from a New York icon, an unorthodox historical lesson through the eyes of Angela Davis, or a refreshing approach to fashion, put down your cell phone and Read These Books.

Fran Lebowitz Reader

A collection of comedic essays from one of New York's most influential writers and public speakers.

"One gets the impression she was the Lena Dunham of the times. But the times were livelier then."

Angela Davis: Autobiography

The book recounts Angela’s life leading up to her arrest. Angela Davis was an activist who fought for the Soledad Brothers, three African-Americans accused of killing a white prison guard, John V. Mills, at California's Soledad Prison in 1970. John V. Mills was himself suspected to have killed three Afro-American inmates. Angela was convicted of gun possession, to directly help the Soledad Brothers. In this book, she writes of her education, her family history, her trial and her prison stay. It reads like a thriller and is unfortunately still relevant up to this day.

"Angela Davis shares her politics, defining concepts like communism and imperialism through recreated dialogues with other prisoners, or American myths of poverty in reflections on her childhood."


A new approach to fashion writing, Gibson maps fashion like he mapped cyberspace, as data moving across bodies, as an iconography of our information age.

"Language is a virus. Words catch on, infect, spread, mutate. Fashion is a language. Gibson gets this."

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