As a former cockney from London, now living in New York City, photographer Ben Rayner is a regular editorial contributor to Vice, Wonderland, Nylon, Dazed & Confused, among many more. His casual off-the-cuff aesthetic can also be seen in the commercial work he’s provided for a roster of brands, including Adidas, COS, Apple and Stussy.

We caught up with Ben to provide a B-Sides, showing some smart iPhone selects that never made it online, until now. You can also follow his Instagram here.

“These photos were all taken from an iPhone that I rented last time I went to Tokyo, which was about a year ago to run the Tokyo Marathon. I was drawn to how there's a character for everything there — so here is a mix of these characters, including me running with a guy dressed as a camcorder, who apparently is the guy who tells you not to pirate movies when you go to the theatre. My favorite marathon costume was the guy with the beer can dangling in front of his face whilst he ran.”