Seth Fluker is an acclaimed Canadian-born photographer that has more recently transitioned into editorial work — shooting for the likes of Dazed and Confused, and i-D Magazine. Making this shift has been dynamic for him, in that shooting portraiture is a less-explored domain of Seth's practice, as he has centered his focus on mostly landscapes and object-oriented photographs, seeking out little events that capture attention, like a broken umbrella, or a captivating landscape.

With his own imprint, Schnauzer Publications, the process of putting together a series of images for print is where he is able to filter through his body of work, and pair things down to a rigorous process of selection. "The editing process is usually where it all comes together for me", he says, striking a comfortable cohesiveness in feeling, composition, lighting and balance among a group of images. Not ready to do a full book of portraits yet, seeing people as the most important subject matter, he seeks to develop his craft for portraiture more while balancing it against his instrinsic eye — pairing portraits of people against the architectural scenes and landscapes of his traditional purview.

Working alongside other independent publishers, some of his idyllic imagery was featured in Queen of Tsawwassen, published by Inventory Magazine, featuring a group of five emerging Canadian photographers from the Pacific Northwest, all displaying the unique visuals of their native region. The images here reflect his balance between past and present practices, pairing his editorial portrait outakes alongside some of his recent travels through British Colombia, in Whistler, Banff and North Vancouver.