As Bad Day Magazine's new issue hits the stands, we spoke with Jackie Linton and Colin Bergh, the Publisher and Creative Director, respectively, to know what the new issue would contain.

What great stories do you have in this new issue?

Jackie: Apart from the interviews in the issue, we have a few next-level photo stories—we have a portfolio with Viviane Sassen, and these two insanely beautiful fashion editorials. We were lucky to work with photographers Jason Nocito and Brianna Capozzi for those features. Our Fashion Director, Avena Gallagher, never fails to bring the most astounding work that surpasses our expectations every time. 

Colin: Jason and Avena's story "Tacoma" was sort of loosely inspired by Richard Brautigan and they just took it to the next level as they always do for Bad Day. I want to shout out the models in these stories, too, who are particularly captivating: Alexandra Marzella in "Tacoma" and Heidi Mount and Todd Zee in "Turbo". We like to involve models that we could actually see being part of the community that Bad Day is in—like-minded individuals who just happen to be amazing looking.

Tell us a little bit about this amazing roster of photographers you have built over the years ?

C: We're very fortunate that the photographers who we admire and look up to have somehow become fans of the magazine along the way, and have been very generous enough to devote their time to shooting interview subjects or, in the case of someone like Jason Nocito, becoming a regular collaborator on our fashion editorials. I love that guy.

J: But the same goes for our writers, we are really fortunate to have access to really talented writers. I think extending variety and a creative freedom to good people goes a long way.

Looking back at 18 published issues now, which story(ies) are you the most proud of?

J: Whit Stillman was a huge moment for me, to have him in the magazine. He's someone I look up to on a personal level. But I'm trying to answer this question specifically, when really I am proud of a lot of the stuff we do. 

C: For me it has to be the Peter Saville interview in Issue 12 where we were lucky enough to have Glenn O'Brien interview him. I'm a huge admirer of both of them and their bodies of work, so to be involved with setting that up, speaking with them over the phone—Peter actually requested the issue be printed in blue ink, sorry Peter—was a thrill. Doing the transcribing for that one took forever, but it was heaven for me. Maybe we should do an audiobook with all the raw audio files one day—there are always a few things that I'm sad to see edited out in the final transcript, but that's the nature of the biz, I guess! 

Any exciting projects for Bad Day in the future ?

J: Definitely more of the same. But keeping Bad Day exciting and hopefully doing even more with our upcoming issues.

C: Whatever happens, you'll be the first to know.