Flowers are not an easy commodity to manage: the product is short lived, having your heart set on a particular species usually means it's missing everywhere, and New Yorkers can agree that same-day delivery is a guaranteed nightmare... but don't fret. "You don't choose a job for its downfall, but rather, for the love of it," wise words of Audrey Stipanovich, the founder of the East Village-based floral design company, Pastoral.

For this installment of Errands, photographer Brayden Olson shadowed Audrey as she trekked through the busy city on a typical day of work - there is more work behind your beautiful floral arrangement than you think. 

What is your favorite season for flower buying and what's your favorite flower ?

Each season brings its lot of beautiful flowers. And surprisingly, in winter, there are all sorts of lovely flowers at the market. It makes winter a little less depressing… I have many favorite flowers. But this season, I am crazy about Cosmos. They are so simple, unpretentious, delicate, and have a very gracious “posture”.

Busiest season ?

The busiest times for me so far are fashion weeks. So many people thanking each other, many events going on. An ambient notion of luxury.

When did you start pastoral and what first got you interested in flower arrangement ?

Pastoral started in January this year. Flower arranging has interested me for a few years, and it is my flower passionate mother who introduced me to it.

What else are you up to Besides flowers ?

I also do photo production and set design. It all blends in well together, and seems logical to me. And films, I watch a lot of films.

Is there anything about the flower industry that people would be surprised to know ?

Maybe the fact that most guys who work at the flower market have to wake up around the time many people go to bed, to be at work at 4-5 am.

Hardest thing about delivering /scheduling deliveries ?

You want to be sure someone will be there! Because the flowers are ready, and perishable, and cannot wait for monday to be redelivered if Friday no one is there. And it just gets trickier when it has to be a surprise.

Do people ever ask for awkward personal noted in deliveries? Can you share any anonymously ?

That has never happened to me yet! But I expect it to happen sometime… I find it touching when someone asks me over the phone to write “I love you”, or “you are the love of my life” on the notecard… It made me a little uncomfortable the first times! But I think that when you work in this industry, you somehow get close to the lives or feelings of some people you don’t know.