The second issue of Apology released last night, and I got a chance to pick up a copy at “Flowers & Candy”, a group exhibition presented by agnès b., and curated by magazine editor and founder Jesse Pearson. The show features a theme of images depicting remorse, and displays works by contributing artists of Apology: Roe Ethridge, Laurie Simmons, Richard Kern, Jeanette Hayes, Sandy Kim, among many others.

Upon entering the show, the windows of agnes b. were covered in colorful Goo by Tara Sinn. There was a lot of candy there. Looking up, there was Jim Krewson airbrushed painting of infants eating candy gazing down at me from the ceiling, as I was enjoying a Blow Pop, in cherry flavor.

The new issue of Apology is very exciting: Anything written by Lesley Arfin is a must read, Richard Kern has photographs and stories of six men that are now deceased — one of the stories is about David from his film Stray Dogs — and there's some fiction by Eileen Myles. There's blocks of torrone inspired by Black Flag's "Slip It In". There's Jackie Collins. I mean, theres a lot happening and all of it is really good. You gotta check it out and pick up a copy or you will be "Sorry, not sorry" — or wait, sorry, not sorry?

Flowers & Candy will be on view until August 31st at agnès b., 50 Howard Street, NYC. Apology Issue No.2 is available here.