After returning from a long road trip, jewelry designer Anna Sheffield wanted something that could encapsulate the infinite possibility, the wildness and the feelings of discovery that the trip provided. With this in mind, Sheffield and Alldayeveryday collaborated on a collection of crystals, minerals and fragrances to encourage mindfulness while capturing these elements from the trip. Fittingly, each set is completely unique—they contain a mix of sometimes similar components, but each is always a bit different. Starting July 23rd, the crystal capsules are available for sale at The Gift Shop.

How was this project born?

My brother, who knows me so well, suggested doing something with crystals. So, in trying to make something as meaningful, magnificent and deep as possible, I took the idea of Mindfulness and thought about how we all try to maintain it. We try with so many different mechanisms like the gym or meditation, and with potions, colors, mantras. Even with pictures. We are bringing good times back again every week for TBT and FBF. So I thought, what if you took the essential moments of a road trip, that feeling of being so free you’re channeling completely unstoppable force and bountifully happy energy? I tried to bring that back through crystals.

Could you detail each package?

Yes! Well back to that road trip... I dissected the best parts of it, based on my most recent road trip. I came to the idea that there was the infinite possibility, the wildness and the feeling of discovery—and making that the treasure of your experience, which though ephemeral, always belongs to you.

“Like the attributes that the crystals inspire, or the vibration that they carry, each does something to your physical or energetic self.”

How did you design/find the inspiration for each one? Can you tell us about you road trip through the desert to the Tucson Gem Fair?

I wanted the vessels to be chic and functional, on brand for my fine jewelry and something you would want to look at everyday as well as add to. I went with a simple porcelain vessel by Canvas, which I ordered through my friends at Coming Soon.

The trip to Tucson was unbelievably picturesque and it was all of those things I tried to capture. I drove with my boyfriend from Sundance to Tucson in the winter. There was snow on the mountains and in the canyons... breathtaking. We stayed in Flagstaff and meandered down through Sedona, taking a few adventures like the Slides in Oak Canyon and a hike to Cathedral Rock. It felt like even having seen these beautiful vistas my whole life, I had finally added them to my map. That was such a feeling of treasure, and it went perfectly with the gem fair! I mean after all that nature, wandering through aisle upon aisle of gems, crystals, mineral specimens and the like! Magical.

Expanded Consciousness/mindfulness care packages: what does it mean exactly?

The idea of Mindfulness in our everyday is coming up in all of these articles and stats about living better and working with more clarity and keeping tuned to a higher sense of purpose. I thought about the crystal sets as prescriptions. Like the attributes that the crystals inspire, or the vibration that they carry, each does something to your physical or energetic self. So why not curate them to do the trick of bringing you to infinite possibility, wildness and defining experiences on this earth as own personal treasure.

The mix of crystals, minerals and fragrances: what's their effects on the mind?

The fragrances I felt were a necessary part of the prescription as that sense has the strongest link to memory. Tomas, being one for mysticism and travel, was the perfect person to bringing these feelings into the fragrance state. And it went perfectly with the idea of the Lowrider dots that Emahn made. Instead of having a freshener shaped like a tree in your car, why not have a glimpse of the car scented like a desert drive or a piñon forest hanging over your desk or by your bed... just flipping that freshener idea from being a sort of campy object to actually being a vessel for elevating your mood.