Though “sea air” hasn’t been a doctor-prescribed remedy for a very long time, the South of France retains its old world associations to upper class fancy. Charming and picturesque, the towns dotting the coast from Nice to Monaco (the official borders of the SoF are fuzzy) are each worthy of Nat Geo postcard status. Sailboats on the Mediterranean, neoclassical, column-ed hotels, warm waveless waters and the easy-going demeanor of a people used to living slower than New Yorkers, all make for a lovely vacation spot (duh). Though its hardly as exclusive as it was in the 19th century, the eery spectacle of wealth has lingering attributes woven throughout the south’s history.

Places: Fondation Maeght, Le Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Le Club Dauphin


A short drive outside of Nice (and up the road from La Colombe D'Or) is the art-centric retreat built by one of those cool older couples that everyone wants in their life. Building and curating a space that encouraged artistic flamboyance, the grounds are peppered with Miro, Calder, Bonnard, Braque, Giacometti, Leger and many more massively influential and important artists of the 20th century.


Whether it be in the palatial backyards of SoF villas, in garden fountains or in the actual sea, a visit to the coast would go amiss without a dip in its blue pools.

Text and photographs by Anna Gray, additional photography by Matthew Frost