Paintings by the Artist Ana Kraš were recently on display at Ed.Varie Gallery (where we also organized the Milk & Oysters photography show). Ana's brushstroke draws Matissian, lithe characters under geometric constraints. We wanted to get to know the girl behind the brush, so we asked our West-Coast photographer Eva Michon to hang with Ana. It seems only right they were caught in a true flamboyant Californian sunset. 

What is your biggest fear?

To have a cockroach walk all over me.

What do you do during your downtime?

I draw because that's my happy place to be.

Favorite places to eat in L.A?

Depends what, I enjoy food so much that I get very nerdy and particular. For lunch I love The Kitchen Mouse, it's my friend Erica's restaurant and she is one of my favorite cooks. Everything there so good! I love the ricecakes, and the homemade chai latte. I also love the sqirl, the bowl with the poached egg and the toast with chocolate and salt. For dinner, I love Pho Cafe's beef pho soup, or Sugarfish handroll sushi, or Malibu Seafood fried oysters after a swim, or The Inn of Seventh Ray's celery platter and oxtail.... You see, I could go on forever. It's very dangerous to ask me food questions.

Favorite places to go out?

I don't really go out, but I do like to have a drink at the Moonshadows in Malibu, it has those blue, purple and green lights and the most beautiful view of the waves.

Any secret spot?

One foot massage place but I will keep it secret.

What do you listen to these days?

These past days a lot of Rolling Stones, Caetano Veloso and Prince.

What is your biggest inspiration?

Really everything I see.

If you could go back, which era would you live in?

The 70's.

Five things can you not live without?

Theres no way to answer this seriously so let me go with five little things that I enjoy a lot: oat milk smoothies, solitude, baths, handcream, and my bed.