When photographer Amanda Ringstad recently showed a friend one of the images she’d styled and shot for the new Q&Q SmileSolar watches, the first reaction was, “That looks like a lawnmower!”

Ringstad was thoroughly pleased — having been invited by us to apply her styling genius in the service of our friends at Q&Q, who partnered with Sight Unseen on this year’s edition of OFFSITE, the Seattle-born photographer's main objective aimed to present eco-friendly watches in a plain, abstract way. She wanted to leave plenty of room for the imagination, “watches are a simple thing, but difficult to disassociate so that they convey something else.”

After initial attempts to weave them together (think a ‘textile’ effect) or arrange on top of summery backgrounds (such as water or sand), Ringstad decided that colored planes and graphic shadows elevated the subjects above the realm of mere utilitarian objects.

“Since Q&Q watches are solar-powered, I wanted the lighting to have a sun-dial effect, while interlocking them and creating dual shadows came from wanting to increase their scale.”

Check out the results of her photo shoot below, then take a peek at the Q&Q online shop — not only are their watches solar-powered and waterproof, they’re only $40!

Content has been edited and condensed, originally appearing on Sight Unseen