This may be the ultimate case study for the trend of commercial photography encroaching upon the world of art.

It’s not often—if ever—that we see housewares editorialized to the level of fashion, but if the launch of Piaule is any indication, that may be changing. The nascent homewares brand enlisted photographer Laurence Ellis to capture musician/model/muse Heather Boo flaunting their inaugural product—not jewelry, not apparel, not shoes—but a bath towel.

Ellis’ signature use of light complements the texture of the towel in a way usually reserved for fabric of the runway, and his experience in that arena may be why the execution feels so natural. But even with its fashion sensibility, the shoot posed an unusual challenge for stylist Celestine Cooney: in fashion, a wide array of looks need to be trimmed to only a small number of final images; in this case, a single piece needed to generate many unique looks. The result is a collection of unexpected images which make a cohesive and lasting statement.

The bath towel, made in Japan, is just the first item Piaule plans to offer in its mission to marry great design with the objects we use on a daily basis. If the brand’s products are as carefully considered as the way they’re photographed, we're excited to see what’s next.

Photographer: Laurence Ellis

Stylist: Celestine Cooney

Model: Heather Boo

Shop the towel at Piaule