Photographer Miyako Bellizzi paid a visit to artist and wild child Alexandra Marzella aka Rosey Diamond / artwerk6666. Carefree or careless, free spirit or hothead? Who cares. Relax, and watch Alexandra go wild, do the splits and look at you straight in the eyes.

What is your biggest fear?

I don’t know if it’s a fear but apparently I’m really misread by a lot of people. I feel that I’m so open on social medias. Today a comrade of mine told me she found herself defending my work a lot recently and that someone said I was "boring IRL". I'm fearful of being misinterpreted and misrepresented, which seems to be happening more and more (or maybe I'm just hearing about it more).

What do you do during your downtime?

Read articles. Make art. Masturbate.

Favorite places to eat in NY?

Home. My roommate and best friend Young Gun is an insanely good cook and I try my best.

Favorite places to go out in NY?

Friends' places, dance classes, restaurants, movies, art shows. I’m really just not about that night life right now.

Any secret spot?

No, I don’t keep secrets from anyone.

What do you listen to these days?

A lot of these at the moment. I’ve been sick and very stressed so it’s therapeutic.

What is your biggest inspiration?

Right now I would say... Solidarity.

As a performance artist which project have you enjoyed the most? The one you're dreaming of?

I’m considered somewhat of a virtual performance artist. But I’m doing more and more IRL performances and it is always amazing, challenging and extremely informative. I’m proud of my solo performance “Wet” that I did at Art Basel Miami this past year. I have a lot of dream performances. I think big.

"I don't keep secrets from anyone."

If you could go back in time, which era would you live in?

I sang some freestyle song in bed the other day after waking up about wanting to wake up in a different room, a Victorian room as Victorian woman. But in reality that would probably be the absolute worst. I think I’d like a challenge and go back to hunter and gatherer days, no high technology, no cameras. I was thinking a lot today about how much cameras and capturing life has made us even more conscious of ourselves and how that’s potentially a bad thing.

5 things you couldn't live without?

Humans, Air, Earth, Water, Fire.