For our fourth installment of "Girls, Girls, Girls", photographer Eva Michon takes us on a Lake Hollywood night drive with filmmaker Alexa Karolinski and her dog, Lupa. Born in Berlin and living bicoastal between New York and Los Angeles, Alexa premiered her first feature-length documentary, Oma & Bella, last year at the Berlin Film Festival, alongside doing commercial projects with CR Fashion Book Magazine, V Magazine, Vice Magazine, Opening Ceremony, and Eckhaus Latta. She takes us around in her white Volkswagen Golf, which she drives manually.

Tell us about...

Your nail polish: It's by a Berlin-based company called Uslu Airlines.

What's in your glove box? Cigarettes, mostly.

What is special about night driving in LA? 93.5 FM!

What do you take with you on drives? Coffee Bean iced coffee.

Have you been in any collisions? Car damage? Damage, yes — I am very bad at parking in garages. The front passenger side was scrapped when I thought a pole in an indoor garage was further away than it actually was. And so part of the door was left sticking out. Then, while I was at a gas station filling up the car, a guy came up to me and offered to fix it if I filled up his car with gas. I agreed. I discovered later that he just stuck the part back down with a piece of chewed gum.