The brother duo, 2manydjs (of Soulwax) have always be heroes of mine. When I heard music from their albums it inspired me to learn how to make music. Constantly in awe of what they do, I have always thought they're one of the most creative groups of people. It was an honor to interview them since I'm such a big fan. I hope everyone else feels inspired, too!

How many days do you travel out of the year? With so much traveling, what are your secrets for not getting sick?

It’s about four days a week, sometimes a bit more, so let’s say 65 percent of the time? But some years it’s more like 75 percent. Either way, it’s more than we ought to be doing. On not getting sick, I’d recommend traveling business class and - boring answer - catching sleep here and there (and not partying). Also it helps if you really like what you do.

Between David and Stephen, is it true, one brother parties and the other is quiet?

We’re both equally boring but I have a weaker constitution so I tend to go to bed earlier.

What are your upcoming projects?

A new Soulwax album (which doesn't have a name yet), our ongoing project Despacio, and producing with some cool new people, we’re working a soundtrack for our friend’s film, and going to do some more Die Verboten soon. There’s something else but I forget what it is...

Is there anyone you'd like to work with?

In music: so many... Outside of music: Paul Reubens and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Where did the idea to use animation from record sleeves come from?

We were booked to do a festival tour where we’d be closing off these main stages in front of gigantic crowds, and it made us wonder how to make a DJ set visually interesting without having to retort to magnifying the performance of the actual DJ. Since we’re quite dull to look at, we HAD to come up with something better, so we figured why not show the record sleeves and animate them to the music? It seemed crazy to us that no one had done that yet. This eventually resulted in what became Radio Soulwax, where we took the "covers coming to life" thing even further.

Other than music, what else are you interested in?

All things creative and politics to some extent. We’ve been collecting Laserdiscs for a long time now.

David, who are some of your favorite photographers?

Les Krims and Bernard Faucon.

Do you guys think you will retire like James (Murphy) at some point?

We can’t afford to! We’d love to join him one day. When we grow up we’d like to become retired James Murphy.

Would you ever throw a warehouse party like Rub'n'Tug did in New York?

Would we throw it ourselves? Probably not, we don’t like being promoters but we’d definitely come and play at it.

Is it true you were graphic designers before everything took off?

Before everything took off we were idiots who spent all their money on records and books and instruments and clothes. Nothing has changed!

Last book you read?

"Love It Or Shove It" by Julie Burchill

Who were your favorite DJs when you were kids?

No one, honestly. Now that we know about the Baldelli’s and the Alfredo’s and all the cool guys from the past, we realize we should have but back then we didn’t know of any!

Fine artists you follow?

Claes Oldenburg, Misha Hollenbach, Jeremy Deller, Baldessari, Tadanori Yokoo, Mark Leckey, Penny Slinger, Allen Jones, Vasarely, Van Eyck,  that’s all I can come up with now.

What is one of your favorite places to eat in the world?


Beside 2manydjs, who's your father's favorite DJ?

Not sure, we’ve never really discussed the art of DJing, oddly enough.

Does your father ever give you advise on remixes or music?

On music yes, he's always said that we should never take into consideration any categories, there are only two types of music: music with balls and music without balls. We should listen to the former and try to avoid the latter.

Does skateboarding still interest you?

You know, with skateboarding it was funny, we can’t pretend we were really skaters, I was more like the guy who hung AROUND the skaters (they were without a doubt the cool kids in our town). All my best friends were skaters and when they went skating, I just hung out on the periphery, playing music for them until I was able to persuade them to start a band.

Would you ever work on a skateboard video, similar to whatSpike Jones has done with the intros with girl skateboarders?

Of course we would if we were asked.

Your suits are great. Are they custom designed?

We have a few tailors we go to on our travels.

Last one: who are your favorite graphic designers?

FERGADELIC!!!! Yves Uro, Joost Swarte, whoever did the graphics for Fiorucci (still haven’t been able to find out who did what exactly), Will Sweeney, Susumu from Zongamin, I am sure I am forgetting someone really important but I have to go now, please don’t hold it against me graphic designers of this world (and of times past).