Our guest-editor for November, Renaissance Man Alex Olson, shares his thoughts on his favorite movie Blazing Saddles.

This farce movie was produced by Mel Brooks and released in 1974. A corrupt man appoints a black sheriff to run the town according to his own plans, but - unfortunately for him - the sheriff has a diferent vision of what constitutes for the Law. Let's hear why this funny old Western stuck in Alex's memory.

Do you remember when you first watched this movie?

I think my dad and I rented it from Blockbuster, he would always show me all the old classic movies.

Why do you love it so much: is it a moment you often go back to to cheer you up?

I dunno, I was a kid and it was a movie that made a big mark in my childhood. It's insane how extremely racist it is now.... But also, it reminds me of The Looney Tunes but with real people. This is the worst description...

What is your favorite scene or line in it?

I mean, there are so many good ones. When the whole movie ends up on another set. When the whole town goes nuts because of the new black sheriff is pretty insane.