Editor and co-founder Joanna Kawecki shares outtakes from Ala Champ’s 9th issue. She also discusses working with Jean-Paul Goude, rebellion, and the photography of Ren Hang for this week's First Look.

Outtakes from the magazine

How did you choose Jean Paul Goude ? How was it working with him?

Jean-Paul visited Tokyo last year, in a brilliant group exhibition titled "Image-Makers" curated by the fantastic Helene Kelmachter, and held at 21_21 Design Sight in Midtown Tokyo. It was a perfect opportunity to get to speak with him about his remarkable body of work, and his background which is extraordinary. He is a vivacious, energetic, humble, straight to the point, and absolutely lovely man - needless to say it was one of our favourite Champ mornings to date.

What is the idea behind this new issue?

Our Issue #9 theme is "To Rebel:" to truly go against conventional acceptances and be different. A reminder for everyday bravery and to encourage the sharing of ideas and ultimate creativity through personal expression. Just do it! It's too easy to say what you plan or intend to do with out taking action. It's simple, to initially create the starting point.

What are you especially proud of in this new issue?

Everything as always. Each contributor, interviewee, and subject spoken about is absolutely fascinating.

How did you come choosing Ren Hang for the cover, how did happen to find him?

We stumbled across Ren Hang's work online and followed him for some time before we got in contact. His photographs are unlike no other, almost challenging normal perceptions and almost creating a photographic sculpture with the limbs and actions he captures. He is a true example of resisting the norm, particularly from challenges in his own culture and environment.

Ala Champ is also distributed by New Distribution House.

Photo credits: (from top)
Jean-Paul Goude by Satomi Yamauchi
Jun Takahashi + Yoon Ambush by Satomi Yamauchi
Peanut Butter Wolf by Shin Okishima
Truck Furniture by Marc Tan.

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