Adrian Grenier's third idea for a better world is to help music production and support bands. We asked him a few questions about his take on the subject, and how he started a music incubator called "Wreck Room," with his friend Damien Paris, who agreed to answer a few questions as well.

What is the "Wreck Room" organisation?

Adrian: Wreck Room is a music incubator that I started, to give emerging artists an opportunity to come together and record, write music, collaborate with one another and ultimately support each other in the music industry. So strength in numbers and strength in community, all through music.

Where is this music incubator? Is this a physical space?

A: It’s in my basement [laughs]. I have a studio and I wasn’t really using it all that much because I was working a lot and travelling. So I decided to donate it to the community and let them run with it. That’s how it was born. In the next couple of months hopefully I’ll be formalizing some partnerships so that we can make it a more of a real structured business as opposed to just… to date it’s been pretty free form. If you come to my house at any given moment you can feel how loose it is because people are in and out of my house. 

Using the studio and the equipment?

A: It’s not just using it, it’s also making sure that it’s taken care of, you know. At one point, at our height, we were having four or five bands a week with no staff. If you know anything about bands they’re like children... So we need to put a little infrastructure in place so we can maintain it for the long term.

Where are the bands from?

A: It was a lot of friends bands, a lot of friends of friends bands and then word of mouth and then we started bringing in some… For instance I’d go see a band, I’d like them, and I’d stick around after the show and ask them to come to a session. But it’s basically curated by the taste of the community.

Could you introduce Damian to us?

A: Damien Paris is one of my best friends. I grew up with him. So we are very close and we’ve been in bands together forever. I basically gave him the keys and I said start bringing bands in and record them, make a video. He’s very talented so he was able to do the recording and make the video and post it and he basically created the vibe of Wreck Room.

Damien, how did the Reckless project start? What was the original idea?

Damien: Me and Adrian would spend nights in his basement studio, jamming and exploring our instruments when time would allow it. He'd have over friends, all of whom were in bands, or had been in bands, some with me and Adrian. We'd saddle up on our respective instrument and make sounds. Now, if my memory serves me, Adrian had the epiphany moment of "what if we invited bands down here and did a session and recorded it?" I nodded in agreement and said: "sounds like a great idea."   

How do you and Adrian choose your projects?

D: We both go out a lot and see live music. He brings in the softer, alternative, independent sound and I'm into all forms of rock, metal, hardcore, thrash, doom. We usually meet somewhere in the middle.

What projects are in the mix these days?

D: Look for the mighty ones and surrender the spirit. Hot trax aplenty.

What do you have in-mind in terms of production and recording for the future?

D: Find great music and try to get it heard by more people. Period.