Since October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month, we have decided to showcase every Tuesday of October a sweet old dog who is in need of a family. There are many heartbreaking things happening in the world, and an old lonely dog with nowhere to go is definitely one of them. So we have asked our canine friend Susie, an old rescued dog, to introduce us to her friends who are in most need of being taken care of.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The thing about Spitty is that he is having a hard time getting a human to connect with him, and thus take him home. And for that reason we're encouraging all of you to spread his story far and wide to reach the right person who will see past his initial disconnect.

Marisa, who works at the Northern California Family Dog Rescue, wrote, "Poor Spitty still hasn't gotten much interest - but your post was so awesome, and peoples' comments were so sweet!

It's funny, he goes to our events and gets so much love, but he's such a mellow guy and I think people are looking for a dog that engages with them more. Poor thing - it's due to his epilepsy and the meds he takes, we've gotten him on the lowest dose but sometimes he seems a little out of it. Also I think his vision impairment is a recent development from the seizures, so sometimes he gets a little disoriented. But once he recognizes your smell he loves to get his face rubbed, and he really is a sassy little guy.

I know there is a special person with a big heart out there for him, I think we just need to find someone who is really dedicated to giving a dog in need a home (someone who just wants to help a dog - who isn't making it about their needs but about the dog's needs). Does that make sense? Maybe someone who's been involved in rescue and understands that he's not an 'easy sell.' In the meantime, he gets a lot of love, lots of playgroups and fresh air, and I encourage volunteers to walk him (even though he's slow!)."

We are 100% certain there is a human out there who is meant to be Spitfire's forever. 

To adopt Spitty, please contact Marisa at Northern California Family Dog Rescue by emailing or calling 415.424.8912.

This content has been edited and condensed, originally appearing in Susie's Senior Dogs.