As part of Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month this October, each week we are featuring a friendly pooch in need of a loving home. Our trusty canine companion, Susie, has luckily introduced us to some of her fellow pups that are the most in need of being taken care of.


BOSTON, MA: Meet Bella! At 6 years old, she is on the young end of seniorhood. But Bella has been looking for her home for over a year, and as each day passes (and she gets older and older) it will be harder and harder for Bella to find a place to permanently call her own. And on top of that, we have to unfortunately recognize that old pitbulls are not in the highest adoption demand.

The good thing is that Bella will fit in to a variety of households - she absolutely loves adults and children! She can also live with other dogs as long as they are properly introduced to each other from the beginning. However, it's recommended that Bella not be adopted into a home with cats.

Last Hope K9 Rescue wrote, "Bella and her younger pittie sister, Scarlet, were owner surrendered down in Arkansas. They arrived in Boston in July 2013. Scarlet was adopted that November, but Bella is still waiting to find her happily ever after. In her current foster home, Bella lives with two other female pitbulls and gets along well with them.

Bella loves her people and would love nothing more than to be the center of someone’s life for her golden years. She has had a really hard life as evidenced by her filed teeth and scars. Nevertheless, Bella loves people and especially loves kids. She enjoys walks, but is not high energy. She's not so interested in playing with toys, she would rather sit and cuddle with you.

Bella is the sweetest thing in the world despite her horrible past. She absolutely loves people and kids and she's good with some dogs with slow intro. She tolerates other dogs, but is not super playful with [all of] them."


To adopt Bella, please contact Jill at Last Hope K9 Rescue by emailing


This content has been edited and condensed, originally appearing in Susie's Senior Dogs.