Our furry companion, Susie, has helped us yet again to profile some of the country's most lovable dogs in need of a good home. In honor of October's Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month, we have featured a few good canines looking for an equally great owner. 

CINCINNATI, OH: Sweet old Agatha. She wants her forever home chance, too! Sometimes when dogs are in foster care, we tend to think that they're "fine" and giving them a forever home isn't as urgent. True, they may be saved from death row, but a temporary home doesn't do well for their souls. Dogs have a sense. They just KNOW things. As good as foster care might be, dogs just know when the humans are buzzing around trying to find them somewhere else to live.

Adopting a dog out of foster care also allows for the rescues and foster homes to pull more dogs from urgent shelter situations. So give Agatha a chance, the longer you wait the less time you have with this beautiful girl!

Leslie wrote, "[Agatha] was dropped at Campbell County Animal Shelter in KY and on their [put to sleep] list, so we pulled her out. We are 100% foster based. Agatha would probably be my top choice [to share], since she is deaf and no longer goes to adoption events.

Almost 11 year old Shepherd/Chow mix - Agatha is a good girl. Like many senior dogs, Agatha has lost her hearing and can scare easily if approached too quickly or from behind. She is crate trained and house trained if you let her out every couple of hours. Otherwise at her age she has accidents in the house. She loves everyone and only fusses at her furry friends if they pester her too much. She does not bite them just lets them know to stop bothering her. She loves to lounge in the house with you and likes to play with nylabones, Kongs and balls.

Agatha would be a great pet for anyone, she is a sweet girl who wants to retire in your home and be your friend lounging on your deck or taking a nice evening and morning walk. She has a lot of life left in her step."


Please contact Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) by emailing or calling 859.391.1234.


This content has been edited and condensed, originally appearing in Susie's Senior Dogs.