Today, Allday director Danny Sangra releases "A Fistful of Wolves" an hilarious short film starring Justin O'Shea alongside a 1970's Mercedes-Benz concept car, especially for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. We asked Danny a few questions and were able to score some behind-the-scenes material.

Did you write the role with Justin O'Shea in mind? How did this idea of a narcissistic, fashionable superman come to your mind?

I met Justin for a drink then went home and wrote the part thinking he could play up to it. It wasn't based on him in anyway, he's actually nothing like that kind of character in real life. We both found it funny to poke fun at that side of fashion. The main influence were old Chanel adverts (particularly the Bratt Pitt Chanel No. 5 campaign). I had always wanted to write something in that style; bizarre monologues where I can let loose, then placing it into the real world.

How did this collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week come across?

I made a film for them last year in New York with Man Repeller. This time they came to me to write something for for Justin and Veronika. MBFW kind of just let me do whatever (within reason of course) so it's always a good collaboration for me.

Any funny anecdote from the set?

We were in Berlin, filming in below zero. No jokes allowed son.

Humor in fashion contexts seems to be very liberating these days, doesn't it?

I think it's because we've seen so many serious fashion films in the past. New designers are finding hard not have fun with all the new possibilities with film (however fashion has always pushed the boat creatively more than anything else). In my opinion it also shows that you are self aware as a brand if you feel confident to add humor into your work.

Everybody seems to be extremely cautious with the car... we can tell it's a very rare model, isn't it?

There are only twelve in the world. The driver was flown in from Stuttgart and I was told Justin was not allowed to drive it. However,  they were into the project so they let him. But I ended up cutting all those scenes (which was a shame).
The car is a concept car from 1970 so there was no way I could fit in it, otherwise my instagram would have blown up with photos of me hanging out the car window.

Which creative persons inspire you the most these days?

Woody Allen, Aki Kaurismäki, Daniel Clowes and always William Klein. He's the person I always look to. He's undoubtedly the man.

What is your dream project?

The dream project would start with someone handing me a big bag of money and the words, "do what you want, I don't want to get involved," immediately followed with Elliot Gould and Cathy Moriarty as the lead roles. Then getting Allen Iverson to cameo as ghost.