The 8-Ball Zine Fair takes place this Sunday in its third annual installment — with over 20 independent publishers, record labels & bookstores in attendance. Some notable publishers this year include Hassla, Swill Children, Dashwood Books, Mossless, and Pau Wau Publications.

Pau Wau will be releasing their latest "Zine Time" box set, as last year's included seven artist edition posters, and five limited-run books from the likes of Richard Kern and Charlie Engman (images of which you can see here).

As admission to 8-Ball is free, feel free to stop by this weekend and spend the afternoon trading your own zines or mixtapes. The fair is located at Space Billiards, 34 W 32nd Street, from 2 to 10 pm. There will be all-day visuals provided by Santiago Shelly, with sounds by Co-Op 87 Records.